Some award-winning videos from the 90s

Our award-winning videography did not begin with the proliferation of HD in the 2000s.

The 1990s were a time of standard definition TV, huge video cameras and recording on videotape. Multiple person crews were required due to the mass of the equipment as well as its relative lack of integration. Yet even then our mission was the same: producing those programs that make the most sense to the client. We’re always focused on looking at each project from the client perspective. For the most effective communications tools, we stay in close contact with our clients every step of the process.

That’s why we guarantee every project.

National award winner:

promo video sf peninsula

“Adecco Job Shop”

This marketing video introduced the Adecco Job Shop kiosk. It was awarded 4 national citations as well as 2 local awards, including the Best of Show Award.

NorCal award winner:

marketing video san jose

Flextronics “We Are”

This video was used as a meeting opener for Flextronics customers and clients. It won a national Aegis award plus the local Joey and ITVA Awards for best sales/marketing video.

Lots of awards:

promo video silicon valley

Flextronics “Who?”

This video was used as a meeting closer for Flextronics customers and clients. It won 3 national awards plus the local Joey Award for best sales and marketing video.

National award winner:

silicon valley promotional video

Telespree Capabilities Video

This video introduced the partnership of Telespree and Nuance to create voice recognition, disposable cell phones. It features both company CEOs.

Actors and animation:

training video san francisco

Adecco “Stars”

This introductory video was designed for new hires. It combines animation with actors, narration, and music, and won national Aurora, Axiem and Videographer Awards.

User Group Meeting Wrap:

sales video silicon valley

Flextronics “Global Solutions”

This Flextronics capabilities video (excerpts) showed the wide variety of services Flextronics offers. It won national Videographer, Axiem and Aegis awards.

National/local awards:

san jose marketing video

Quantum “Quality”

Olympic sport images were used to show the qualities of Quantum hard drives. Winner of a national Cindy and a local Joey award for sales/marketing videos.

Nationally recognized:

promotional video silicon valley

Adecco “We’re So Cool”

This video was a meeting opener used by management in a high level meeting in Las Vegas. It earned three national awards and a local ITVA award.

National award winner:

silicon valley business video

Foundry Networks Trade Show Video

We shot and edited this Aegis award winner for Foundry Networks. This trade show video played at the annual Interop Conference and won a national Aegis award.

National award winner:

business video northern California

Adecco “Make a Change”

Adecco totally revamped their marketing collateral materials and this video helped introduce that. It received the national Axiem and Aegis Awards.

Beatles give permission:

promotional video silicon valley

Nortel “Come Together”

Nortel purchased the rights to the Beatles song “Come Together” and we used it as the theme and background. It won national Communicator and Aegis Awards.

Norcal award winner:

marketing video silicon valley

Orcon “Dream Team”

Excerpts from an Ocron trade show video that catalogs their products. Done as a sports talk show, since 95% of their clients are men. It’s a NorCal Joey award winner.

Goin’ to the dogs:

promo video silicon valley

PetSmart “Doggie Day Camp”

This marketing video launched the rollout of the Doggie Day Camp concept. We shot and edited to their script and their narration and music tracks.

A new concept:

video production San Francisco Peninsula

PetSmart “PetsHotel”

This production helped introduced the chain of PetsHotels inside numerous PetSmart stores. It was shot at the same time as “Doggie Day Camp.

Shot in China:

San Francisco video production

QPL Ltd. “Total Quality Management”

We traveled to China to shoot a pair of videos for QPL Ltd. They pride themselves on the amenities that they provide for their employees who work in the facilities.


sf training video

Charles Schwab “Broker Training”

This includes several non-proprietary clips from a Schwab institutional broker training video we produced. Shot n our offices and with professional acting talent.

Several trips to China:

video production in China

QPL Ltd.

We’ve shot several times over the years for QPL, including one trip that circled the globe. This general capabilities video is their trade show standard.

Our training demo:

training video

Penrose Productions Training Demo

We combined clips from training videos that we produced over the course of several years. These clips include those from Adecco and Schwab, plus as stock footage.

Welcoming merger partner:

SF Bay Area marketing video

Adecco “TAD Welcome”

When TAD was acquired by Adecco, the later asked us to produce a video to expose the newly absorbed employees to the Adecco culture.

Worldwide shooting:

high tech video production

ASAT “Edquad”

We traveled around the globe to various ASAT facilities over the years, and this video combined existing footage from those prior trips with animation of a new chip concept.

Multiple national awards:

Sonoma county video

Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Co. Tour

Clips from the tour of the plant led by Angus the dog. Visitors see this prior to the tour. Winner of Aegis and Videographer national awards

Shooting in paradise:

Maui video production

Napili Kai Beach Club Resort

The Napili Kai Beach Club Resort in Maui had us produce this video as a sales piece for travel agents. It was also repurposed into a souvenir available for purchase at the hotel.

Management training:

training video

Playback Media “Influencing Change”

Clips from a training video to teach the concepts of how to influence change. We created a “rainforest” with cave people and explorers.

Aliens among us:

teamwork training video

Playback Media “Influencing Teams”

In this management training video (excerpts), an alien leader has to learn how to influence his team when the members don’t want to leave earth after their mission is done.

Ethical lesson:

ethics video training

Playback Media “Ethics”

Corporate ethics training is communicated by getting back to childhood basics. However, in this version, the kids teach the lesson. Excerpts are shown here.

Successful fundraiser:

the king's academy video

The King’s Academy “Thanks”

This video was shown at a fundraising dinner for The King’s Academy. Record-breaking funds were raised to increase teacher salaries at the school.

Editing from their clips:

Video Editing

CityPass “Southern Calif. Promo”

We edited existing footage from various venues that are part of the Southern California CityPass. The videos were shown on hotel busses.