Looking for a video production recommendation? Check out our perfect rating…


It’s tough to get an independent and unbiased video production recommendation. But here is some good news if you’re looking for an honest evaluation.

When asked by an independent auditing service “If you need the services of a video production company in the future, would you call or recommend Penrose Productions?” 100% of our clients surveyed said “YES!”

video production recommendation

A while back we were evaluated by an independent business auditing service. The goal was to measure – in an objective manner – how well we were meeting our clients’ needs. In addition, we wanted to be able to share this unbiased evaluation with potential clients. After all, we can brag about ourselves all we want, but to have a truly independent video production recommendation for our service is much more valuable to prospective clients.

Upon completion, subject companies such that met the tough criteria would receive a certification from that independent agency.

To be certified, a supplier had to submit a list of all clients they’ve had over the past to an independent research group based at California State University, San Francisco. These researchers contacted a large sample of our clients to judge customer satisfaction.

We earned a glowing video production recommendation.

In the most recent survey, Penrose Productions received a 100% satisfaction rating. Our commitment to you is to keep it that way!

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